Who are we?

Who is Casey?

Casey grew up in southeastern New England before attending uni in Washington DC. She spent several years as a field geologist for the US Geological Survey and an environmental consulting firm, rocking her way through a good portion of the southern US. After moving across the pond to London with her husband, she took up a part-time barista and scone-baking gig that turned into a full-time business manager role with a London coffee shop, while embracing all the travel opportunities that living in the UK and Europe have to offer. She is now juggling several projects - launching a blog, creating a cookbook, managing digital marketing projects for a healthcare software start-up, and of course, building a network for 30 Days of Doing.

She was inspired to start 30 Days of Doing with Kyle while being surrounded by so many (for lack of a better word) crafty people while running the London coffee shop. Many customers and staff seemed to have their own side-projects, but needed the extra push to take charge of their idea and make it a business. Casey and Kyle thought that if they combined her creative skills and obsessive organizing/planning abilities with his experience creating and launching a number of different businesses, they could get more people DOING.

When you can’t find Casey huddled behind a computer at a London coffee shop, you can find her baking scones or exploring somewhere she’s never been before.


Who is Kyle? 

Kyle grew up in Brixton, South London, where his first go at side hustling was selling pirated video games on Yahoo at age 11. Since the pirated video game sales didn’t exactly make enough to have it completely made, Kyle attended Oxford University to study history. Following graduation, he moved to Vietnam where he co-founded Vietnam’s first private free-to-air TV station. Despite not having any previous experience with television or co-founding a business (aside from his teenage side hustles), the station was on air within 9 months and grew from 2 co-founders to 200+ employees within a year. A move to the U.S. was next, where Kyle studied in the MBA/MFA program at NYU. Eventually, he dropped out of the “official” film part (MFA) but he continued to attend the useful classes and work on productions. He didn’t see the point in the expensive fees, so instead focussed on the useful classes he could attend. 

The next move to Beijing to learn Chinese also involved setting up a business selling Chinese posters. While the idea turned out to be fruitless and “dreadful”, according to Kyle, it was a valuable learning experience about how to learn from your mistakes. He pivoted the business from an expensive, un-profitable poster selling business into a language learning service - sensiblechinese.com - which is now one of the top Chinese language learning blogs online. 
Kyle then moved back to Bermondsey where he found a new, tight-knit community (which included Casey). From Bermondsey, he started a digital marketing agency in which he helps others learn to sell their products online using the skills he learned from building sensiblechinese.com. His current clients include an Indian wedding company, a private Harley Street hospital group, a coffee company, and more. 
On the side of his daily hustle, he and Casey set up 30 Days of Doing to assist local creative entrepreneurs. He had a vision to help get these local entrepreneurs off and running with confidence. He is hoping to grow 30 Days of Doing from a hyper local group to a global group while retaining the local focus. Kyle is eager to share his personal experiences and provide tools to communities of creators so that they can support one another.