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30 Days of Doing Society


Join our next 30 Days of Doing Society. Limited to 8 spaces, first come first serve!


Do you have a small business idea that you've always dreamed of launching as a side-gig or full fledged business? Or have you started already, but could use support and guidance? The 30 Days of Doing Society may be just the group for you. 

30 Days of Doing was originally created to support a group of incredibly talented individuals who were seeking structure to aid them in fulfilling their dreams. Kyle and Casey, co-founders of 30 Days of Doing, sent the founding members daily prompts for 30 days straight. Each prompt was designed to take the individuals on a journey; a journey that not only focussed on the mundane tasks of starting a business (like registering with Companies House and thinking about price structure), but also challenged the individuals to think about their lifestyle design and their values, and how their business could fit around that design. 

The original group was so successful, that Kyle and Casey decided to launch the 30 Days of Doing Society properly. You may simply have an idea and wonder how on earth you take that first step, or you may have already begun on your journey but could use the extra support and structure to navigate with confidence. 

If you join the next Society (see more details below), you'll be sent daily email prompts and attend the weekly 30 Days of Doing meetings, where Kyle and Casey, and the rest of the group, will be present to support and advise you!



What is the 30 Days of Doing Society?

A 30 Day program designed to help you take your idea from a dream to a reality.

How it Works 

  • The group will meet once per week - every Wednesday evening at a location (TBD) in central southeast London.
  • At the first meet-up, you'll meet Kyle and Casey, and the other members. You'll receive a booklet to keep track of your progress in, and you'll introduce yourself and explain to the community what you hope to get out of the experience. 
  • You'll then receive daily email prompts for the next 30 days. Each prompt is designed to help you put together many of the puzzle pieces required to start a business. Some of the prompts will be more thought provoking, while others are actionable.
  • The group is designed to hold you accountable for your actions, provide advice about your actions, and most importantly, be supportive during the sometimes scary but exciting journey of entrepreneurship!
  • Kyle and Casey will be there every step of the way, available to provide you one-one guidance on important decisions. 

What's in it for you?

  • Attendance at the weekly meet-ups during the 30 Days 
  • One-one advice from Kyle and Casey about your business
  • 30 days of actionable prompts to help you launch your business 
  • A hard copy of 30 Days of Doing, Kyle and Casey's book 
  • A supportive community that will be there to help you long after 30 Days of Doing is over 
  • Private online community channel

How will the meet-ups work?

The group will meet every Wednesday at 6:30PM at a pub in southeast London (specific location TBD). After the group settles in with a drink, Kyle and Casey will begin the meeting by discussing a theme for the previous week's prompts, and sharing their own experiences with the concepts discussed. Then the group will go around and share how they completed the prompts from the previous week, and seek any advice or feedback on them. The group is devised to provide a safe space for constructive conversation, enthusiastic support, and network building that will last long beyond the 30 days!

Hosted by…

Kyle Balmer

Tech Geek. 

Coffee lover.

Owner of and Co-Founder of B Street Digital.

Passionate about helping others. 



Casey Cutting

People person.

Dog obsessed.

Geologist --> Barista --> Co-Founder of B Street Digital.

Passionate about connecting likeminded people. 


The Details


The programme fee is £100.


Personal coaching through the content of 30 DoD, a printed version of the book, access to community of “doers” (i.e. invitation to the whatsapp group for peer coaching and support)


Our next 30 Days of Doing Community will run from 20 September - 18 October. Email us for details and interest at


The weekly meet-ups will take place at pub in southeast London - near Bermondsey Street / London Bridge . Specific location TBD and will be provided to those who sign up. 


Limited to 8 places, available on a first come first serve basis.

I'd like to learn more before joining the next Society group!