Let’s get started with the challenge

Day 30: Keep Momentum; Keep Learning; Keep Connecting

Today’s Prompt:

Look at your calendar. Establish goals for your business you would like to achieve within a three to six months, goals to achieve within one year, and goals to achieve within two to three years.

Set meeting dates with other members of the 30 Days of Doing community to continue holding yourself accountable to this momentum and to continue supporting others in the community.

You have come a long way by completing the 30 Days of Doing. We encourage you to keep this momentum going beyond the program, and we hope to provide you with the community that will hold you accountable to that momentum!

Regarding momentum and accountability, sit down with a calendar and consider what goals you would like to achieve by timeframe. Example deadlines to set for your business:

  • Launching and sharing the first version of your website
  • Creating the first sellable version of your product
  • Securing your first paying customer
  • Earning enough income from your business to reduce your hours at your other job
  • Earning enough income from your business to support yourself completely
  • Selling X number of products to market
  • Securing investment to expand your business (if required)
  • Hiring your first employee (if desired)

You can also incorporate personal goals within these large, concrete goals for the business. Set weekly and monthly goals to connect with a certain number of creators in the community. If you would like to eventually move locations with your business, consider that timeframe too. Certainly, you may not meet all of these goals. But writing them down and visualizing them will help you stay on track.

It’s no surprise that, with our first 30 Days of Doing group, the daily emails and weekly meetings encouraged momentum for each of the participants’ businesses. Continue this momentum by staying connected to members of the 30 DoD community on our online forum and by meeting in person with the connections you’ve made. These people will be your biggest fans and greatest supporters going forward!