Let’s get started with the challenge

Day 26: One More Time! Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Today’s Prompt:

Give one final attempt (during this 30-day stretch, anyway) at perfecting your elevator pitch. Say it out loud, share it on our online community, at the very least write it in your journal.

Share your newest elevator pitch in the online community’s comments section at www.30dod.com, or bring it to your next community meeting so we can all get even more inspired!

We've talked a lot over the past month about how important your vision for your company is and how much it will change and develop as you grow your business.

Hopefully, during the past 26 Days of Doing, your elevator pitch has changed, at least slightly. Maybe you realized there wasn't a viable market for your initial idea, but, while doing research on the target market, you were challenged to think about how to attack the problem you're addressing in new ways. Perhaps you connected with one of your inspirational mentors or competitors, and they helped you view things in a different way.

We were struck by the progression of each of the elevator pitches in our first 30 Days of Doing group. For example, Marco started out with an idea for a mid-market custom furniture company. After completing the exercises during 30 Days of Doing, his idea has now involved into a vision not only for his company but for his life: a workshop in the woods where customers can hand-select the tree that will be used to make their custom furniture, a workshop van to travel Europe and investigate artistic approaches, and a blog to share these travels and artistic approaches with others. Now, his company doesn't just seek to fight for space in a crowded furniture market. He's created a vision that is inspiring and will most definitely get others excited.

Ask yourself these sorts of questions when sitting down for a third attempt at your elevator pitch:

Does your company or idea fit into your idealistic lifestyle? Obviously, any company is going to take a lot of hard work, but make sure that you're not tethering yourself to a time-consuming project that doesn't fit your personal goals as well. Where do you ultimately want to live? What type of people do you want to surround yourself with? Do you want your business to be flexible enough that you can travel?

Are you helping others in some way or addressing a problem that you're passionate about? Of course, your company doesn't need to be 100% philanthropic. There is a need to make money and pay your bills. But, if there are ways that you can give back to your community, the environment, or your peers, this will keep you more motivated during difficult times and connect you to other amazing people.