Let’s get started with the challenge

Day 21:Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Today’s Prompt:

  1. Jot down your goals and ideas for your business, including any new developments. Envision yourself explaining the business to a friend, potential customer, or family member. Remember to include a little story about your business and why this is your passion.
  2. Present the updated idea to a friend or family member. Hearing this pitch aloud will allow you to receive feedback and enable you to identify what you are most excited about and what you should continue focusing on.
  3. Share your updated pitch at the next community meeting or in the comments section of 30dod.com if you are participating in the online community. Recording a video of yourself giving the pitch would also be helpful.
  4. Compare your notes and/or video for this pitch with your original post from Day 2. Note how things have progressed (and be proud!).

Recently, we’ve completed two large chapters addressing technical aspects of your business. The purpose of yesterday’s exercise, and today’s, is to get back to the basics for a few days. Conversing yesterday with peers about how your process is going should have helped you gather some feedback and encouragement, and today we will work on refining your elevator pitch that you began on Day 2.

Hopefully, you’ve done some productive thinking about your business and your goals over the past 20 days. You may have had many new ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your business, or very little may have changed, and you are still on the same path as when you started. Either way, it is good practice to spend time thinking about your elevator pitch. This will keep you focused and allow you to reflect on how far you’ve come!

Questions to think about answering in your pitch:

  • What problem am I solving, or what void am I filling?
  • Who am I inspiring? Who am I helping?
  • Who benefits from what I am doing?
  • How am I trying to change or add value to an existing market?
  • What do I enjoy most about what I am doing with this business?

You don’t have to answer all or even any of these questions, but they should assist you in thinking about your business and its direction. Hopefully, you can add to your already existing elevator pitch and develop new elements to your already unique idea.