Let’s get started with the challenge

Day 18: Register Your Company with Selected Social Media Platforms

Today’s Prompt:

Review your notes from Day 10: Social Media Outreach. Register your company with your first (few) chosen forms of social media for your company. Let the meeting group and/or our online community know what your account names are so that we can all begin following each other.


Don’t be intimidated by social media. It is an open platform that you can use as much or as little as you like, and it is by no means mandatory for a business. These are just our suggested steps! If you do decide on one or a few accounts, share your accounts with our community at www.30dod.com in the comments section so that we can follow along on your journey!

Many of the exercises in the first half of this book have been about thought and reflection. Now, it’s time to begin taking action with your business to keep the momentum going!

There are so many forms of social media, and surely more will develop. During the exercise on Day 10: Social Media Outreach, you gave some thought to which forms of social media, at least initially, will be most beneficial for connecting with your audience and getting your ideas and product out into the world.

While the idea of managing one or several platforms of social media may seem daunting, there are a few key factors to remember. Establishing a social media presence provides free or very low-cost marketing with the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, millions of customers depending on your growth goals. It allows you to engage with your peers (friendly competitors and mentors) and your customers on a personal level. Arguably most importantly, it provides a platform for you to gain instant feedback from your peers and customers and learn how to maintain and continue growing your business.

Suggestions for starting out

Create the account that you decided would have the most benefit, initially, for your business – whether that would be Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. AND a Facebook account.

Most businesses have a Facebook account because you can reach such a wide audience. It is also very easy to connect platforms such as Twitter and Instagram with a Facebook account so that you can post simultaneously without logging into each individual account and posting twice.

When choosing your account handle, make sure it’s your business name or something similar so that your customers can find you and there is no brand confusion. Ideally, you'll need all of your social accounts to be the same or similar to one another to avoid confusion. Again – check namecheckr.com to confirm this!

Once you’ve set up the basic account, make sure to at least have a simple profile photo so your account looks legitimate. It can even be a simple temporary or permanent logo that you can create yourself on www.canva.com.

If you have chosen a platform like Instagram or Twitter, take a few minutes to browse hashtags related to your business. For example, if you are starting a pottery business, search for #pottery #potterystudio #potteryart, etc., to see what other people are posting and potentially find some friendly competitors to follow as inspiration.

Building a following

Once you have an idea of the type of content you’d like to start posting, there are a few basic practices that can help build your following to generate interest in your business.

  1. Post content (thoughts on Twitter, pictures on Instagram, videos on YouTube, etc.) regularly. The content can be related to what you’re working on, a new product you have, travel related to your business – anything, really! People love being engaged with what you’re doing.
  2. Use hashtags. I (Casey) was resistant to using them for a long time because I didn’t understand the point, but once someone explained to me how this connects you to others, I was more open to the idea. When you post your content and then add hashtags either to your caption or to a comment beneath your caption, if you’re using Instagram, this allows many more viewers to see your content on a public platform (make sure your account is set to “public” since it is a business profile).
  3. Include a call to action or question in your comment. For example, a florist posting a picture of a bouquet and then saying in the caption, “These are some of my favorite flowers! What are yours?” this engages people and allows them to interact with you directly.
  4. Go and comment (using your business accounts, not your personal account!) on complementary companies' social accounts. For example, if you are making handmade beer glasses, perhaps you'd go and comment, like, and share the content of a beer company. Don't promote your business in this way. Just join existing communities, and provide insightful and genuinely helpful comments and content. By doing so, you'll be contributing and getting your name known within your market.