Let’s get started with the challenge

Day 10: Consider Social Media Channels

Today's Prompt:

Using the attached chart and the customer base(s) you identified in the previous exercise, identify which social media outlets will be most effective in connecting with your customer base.

Share which social media outlets you think are best for your business, or ask our community their opinions in the comments section of our website, www.30dod.com!

Now that we've already thought about who our customer base will be (keeping in mind the difference between users and customers), we can start to think about how we will connect with our users and customers.

Social media is always changing, but one constant is that it's a wonderful and (almost always) free way of engaging with users and customers. We've drawn a chart that will help you decide which channels to focus on first. There are so many options out there, it's hard to know where to start!

Let's use three different examples.


George is a digital marketing consultant. He provides SEO (search engine optimization) and social media growth services for businesses. It will be most effective for George to spend most or all of his marketing resources (his own time and, potentially, an advertising budget) on LinkedIn, because other businesses will find his services there. George does not need to waste time on outlets like Instagram and Pinterest, because he is selling his expertise in marketing directly to other businesses who are looking for solutions to their marketing strategy and are willing to pay for them.

B2C #1

Amy is a German language tutor teaching German to individual or small groups of students. Amy is specifically targeting expats who have just moved to Germany and need a tutor, because she also loves to meet fellow travelers and share her city with them. It is most effective for Amy to share her skills on Facebook, where expats may be searching for people to connect with when they travel, and also on YouTube, where she can post short clips of herself teaching German as a preview for potential customers. 

B2C #2

Sarah is a wedding dress seamstress and produces high-end, lace wedding dresses. Sarah sells her wedding dresses on her own website directly to customers (versus selling through small wedding boutique stores). Sarah has found it most effective to engage her customer base on Instagram and Pinterest by posting photos of her dresses on Instagram and sharing them on Pinterest. Brides-to-be search wedding hashtags on Instagram and bridal Pinboards on Pinterest for inspiration. Brides who have worn Sarah's dresses tag her in their photos, bolstering Sarah's reputation. These searches and tags will lead customers directly to Sarah's website and, eventually, bring in sales.

Keep in mind

It's very easy nowadays to connect several social media outlets using services like Buffer or Hootsuite (these aren't even necessary to post from Instagram directly to Twitter and Facebook), so don't feel that you need to choose just one outlet. Usually, using a combination is best. This chart will just help you choose which outlets are most effective for you, especially when you are starting out and time is extremely valuable – you'll be wearing many hats in your business!