30 Days of Doing


Do you have an idea you've always dreamed of putting into action?

Take our 30 Day online challenge, or join our next 30 Days of Doing Society to realize your dream!

Do you have a small business idea that you've always dreamed of launching as a side-gig or full fledged business? Or have you started already, but could use support and guidance? The 30 Days of Doing challenge may be just the thing for you!

30 Days of Doing was originally created to support a group of incredibly talented individuals who were seeking structure to aid them in fulfilling their dreams. Kyle and Casey, co-founders of 30 Days of Doing, sent the founding members daily prompts for 30 days straight. Each prompt was designed to be achievable alongside of a normal working day and to take the individuals on a journey; a journey that not only focussed on the mundane tasks of starting a business (like registering with Companies House and thinking about price structure), but also challenged the individuals to think about their lifestyle design and their values, and how their business could fit around that design. 

The original group was so successful, that Kyle and Casey decided to launch the 30 Days of Doing Society properly. You may simply have an idea and wonder how on earth you take that first step, or you may have already begun on your journey but could use the extra support and structure to navigate with confidence. 


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The online course is totally free and open to everyone

What's involved?

30 Days of Doing Online Challenge

Begin the journey through 30 Days of Doing with our (totally free!) online challenge by heading to our Get Started! page. You will be guided through 30 days of prompts - some are actionable, like registering your business with Companies House and thinking about your pricing structure, and some are thoughtful, like considering your vision for your ideal lifestyle and how your business will mold to that. 

The initial program was specifically built with local craftsman in mind, but can be used for launching any idea. While one original participant is working on a tree-to-installation furniture business and another is filming documentaries about alternative medicine, a third participant is launching a medical concierge service and still benefited from the program!

30 Days of Doing Society

Our original members said that they benefitted most from the in-person weekly meet-ups. If you think you'd benefit from a more structured version of 30 Days of Doing, where you'd gather weekly with other participants at meetings conducted by Kyle and Casey, head over to our30 Days of Doing Society page to find out more!

30 Days of Doing Book

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What People Are Saying

Karin London

"Setting up a business is never an easy task. Or at least so it seems when you are left on your own to sort out all the various aspects of it, trying to collect courage, ideas and technical info. 

The 30 days challenge is a blessing, a guidance through the whole mess of structuring not only a business, but a more ideal life based on a wider thinking approach. Where do you imagine yourself in the future? How would you like your life to be? And how to get there? Kyle and Casey took us by hand and gave us invaluable tools to envision, to define and to get our hands dirty building our dreams. "

Karin, London



"Thanks to a unique daily task structure, the 30 days challenge allows you to understand how deep the whole process of building your business really is, providing you with a safe feeling of guidance. At the beginning, when I started thinking about my activity all of a sudden I was lost in too many directions and I felt the burden of such a decision. Luckily that is when Kyle and Casey decided to help, and step by step they managed to clarify so many doubts and to inspire such a bigger vision. As soon as you begin the challenge you realise the many things you have to go through, but with the kind of system presented anyone can get the job done, avoiding the discouraging feeling of overwhelm. It is amazing to notice how, by the end of it, not only you have a distinct structure for your business, but also your life vision has defined in a much a clearer way. "

Marco, London

Who Are We?

Who is Casey?

Casey's path is an interesting one. After her role as a geologist for the United States Geological Survey and for a U.S. based environmental consulting firm, Casey and her husband packed their bags for an adventure in the U.K. That landed her in southeast London, where she eventually found herself managing a Bermondsey based coffee shop, where she met Kyle. Together, they launched their own social media management business. Similarly to Kyle, Casey's true passion is supporting and inspiring others to do what they've always dreamed of doing. 

Who is Kyle? 

Kyle has never been one to conform to the typical "9-5" - his only "proper job" when he was on payroll was as a bike messenger during his teen years. Since graduating from Uni, Kyle has successfully launched several businesses, including Vietnam's first private free-to-air TV station, an online Chinese learning course - sensiblechinese.com, his own digital marketing firm, which he now currently runs along his co-owned social media company with Casey. His true passion is helping others launch their dream into reality. You can usually find him in a southeast London coffee shop, advising a stranger on how to set up their business' first website.